Residential Fences

Are you tired of chasing your dog all over the neighborhood? Do you want the privacy and security a fence offers around your swimming pool? Do you want to feel secure knowing that your children play safely within the confines of your fence? Do you know that a fence around your garden, home, and, or pool can significantly ad to the property value of your home?

At Cleveland Fence, we offer a full selection of quality residential fencing options. For over 40 years, our team of expert designers have worked closely with our clients to meet all of their customized residential fencing needs.

Our professional staff comprised of woodworkers, designers, and office personnel understand that the right fence is crucial to your home’s exterior design. Whether your fence provides privacy, security, or simply serves to boost the overall aesthetic appeal of your property, we work with you to ensure your family’s satisfaction.

Often, choosing the right fence presents a challenge. Fences come in many shapes, sizes, styles, materials, maintenance requirements, and all with various pricing. We offer a full range of residential fencing options:

In addition we have an in-house, fully staffed carpentry shop ready to create your custom fence.

As you can imagine, the choices can be overwhelming. As a result, at Cleveland Fence, we ask you many questions to ascertain your definitive fencing needs. We inquire about the goals behind your fencing desires. We ask what purpose your fence will serve – will it provide a boundary or proffer security or both? We guide you through the fence selection process and then complete the project through to installation, all while working within your budgetary expectations.

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